ServisHero out to simplify digital marketing for local businesses

Kuala Lumpur-based on-demand services startup ServisHero is confident it can empower small and medium enterprises across the region via its own experience in big data analytics and digital marketing.

According to its founder and chief executive officer Karl Loo, effective digital marketing is actually very complicated.

Many local tradesmen in the region can barely speak English, and may have a limited education level – all of which can hinder them from running their own digital campaigns, he argues.

“And these days, millennials look for services on the Internet, so basically if you are not on Google, you’re invisible to many consumers,” he says, speaking to Digital News Asia in Kuala Lumpur recently.

“So what will happen when 90 per cent of Malaysian SMEs do not know how to use Google or Facebook for their business? You get a large pool of businesses that is invisible to consumers,” he adds.

Thus ServisHero’s main task is to “simplify things for SMEs,” according to Loo. The startup is doing this by providing them with an app “that delivers job leads, generated by our marketing expertise.”

“So like Amazon Web Services, where people don’t need a server because they can plug in their businesses into the cloud infrastructure, I would like to say the same for ServisHero, which is a digital marketing infrastructure where SMEs can just come on board,” he adds.

Loo even goes a step further, saying it would be more cost-effective for SMEs to leave their digital marketing to ServisHero, and in return, the company would provide them with the value that they want.


Part of the startup’s confidence stems from its data-driven culture. ServisHero has had a data science team on board since its inception.

Loo says that the data it has gathered has helped the company make better decisions, especially when it comes to introducing new categories of services into the marketplace.

“We aggregate real-time data about search — so if we see that there is a trend for car window-tinting services, we will extract the data where there is a demand volume that needs more supply, and we will move into looking for more service providers in that category,” he says.

ServisHero chief data officer Johan de Beurs. — Digital News Asia picAccording to chief data officer Johan de Beurs, thanks to the data gathered by the ServisHero platform, it can provide job requests with high-quality information to service providers.

“Normal tradesmen won’t be able to compete with us in digital marketing because it is very complex,” he reiterates Loo’s earlier points.

“If I show you my AdWords campaign, it’s impossible for them [SMEs] to do the same. Our team is optimising bids on an hourly basis,” he adds.

But Loo says that the company also holds regular seminars to educate its SMEs about the ServisHero platform.

“We even give them feedback on how they should interact on the platform and how to manage customer service expectations to increase conversion rates,” he adds.

But while touting ServisHero’s data abilities, Loo insists that digital marketing isn’t only about the numbers. Instead, it is all about results.

“When we look at our performance metrics, it’s not just about the number of times that the app has been downloaded but how many times it has resulted in the satisfaction of our service providers when they get jobs,” he says. — Digital News Asia

Source: Malay Mail Online. Article by Lum Ka Kay (

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Microsoft Opens Up Skype for Business SDK

Microsoft has released a preview of the software development kit for its Skype for Business software, enabling developers to integrate instant messaging, audio and video calls into their existing iOS and Android applications using Skype’s technology.

The SDK was previewed at Microsoft’s Build 2016 conference, where the company hyped the ease of integration into native mobile apps that the SDK would bring, citing a pilot the company ran with online healthcare provider MDLive.

MDLive provides telehealth solutions aimed at connecting patients and physicians via mobile devices, and through its collaboration with Microsoft, the company was able to develop a secure system for patients and healthcare providers to communicate, share and review medical records, lab results and assessments.

“Skype for Business will provide MDLive with a much more scalable architecture, so we can accommodate even higher volumes of video consults daily,” said Randy Parker, founder and CEO of MDLive. “The adoption of Skype for Business also enables us to deliver a significantly improved user experience for both patients and physicians.”

The SDK preview’s initial focus is on powering ‘remote advisor’ solutions, enabling consumer mobile apps to communicate with businesses that already make use of Skype for Business elsewhere, and helping those businesses leverage the existing power of their infrastructure to communicate with customers like never before.

Looking ahead, the full SDK will combine the power of cloud voice, messaging and video meeting software with new cloud APIs, so that the software can be integrated across a range of web and device platforms, driving new ways of interaction.

“The Skype for Business team is always on the lookout for new ways to bring greater value to our customers,” said James Skay, senior product marketing manager for the Skype for Business team. “We look for new and innovative ideas that connect people together utilising the power of our platform.”

Source: Mobile Marketing, Article by Tim Maytom (

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